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Guided by Grace

History Edit

Appearance and Personality Edit

A short Priestess, just at 5 feet, Uriel is a well put together woman. Her pale blonde hair is kept styled with curls, or pulled back into a professional looking chignon, which gives her sunkissed features a more stern, angular look. Bright blue eyes reflect summer skies, with a calm, restoring glow.

She carries herself with grace and poise, though she comes off as icey more often than not.

Uriel is soft, but not out of shape. It's very feminine, very womanly. She is not greatly endowed, but dresses in luxurious fabrics that accentuate what curves there are. As a priestess she does not wear confining armor, and is almost never seen wearing pants. Enchanted trinkets and jewelry clatter around her neck and on her wrists, giving off the soothing magic of Light.

Skills Edit