The Sleeper is a Catalyst of unknown allegiance. She is a Player who currently has not yet entered the Game; The Architect stated during the setting of the board that she "had yet to remember", and thus could not yet enter the Game.

History Edit

The Sleeper was a mortal who confronted The Manic during his siege of The System. Though she defeated his onslaught of terror, she lost her own sanity while fighting him, and was transformed into the very thing she had fought so hard against. She was apotheosized for saving The System.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Sleeper appears as an insane, bedraggled woman. She has a hunched stance, and perpetually claws at her lips in a feral, maniacal manner, similar to The Manic. She appears uninterested in what is going on around her - ignoring her fellow Catalysts for the entirety of the initial preparations for the Game.

The Sleeper's Court Edit