"I...must destroy...them. Or they"
An enigmatic and sinister creature, The Other is the opposing force to The Beholder. He seems to have a tenuous alliance with The Fools' King. Depicted as a shadowy creature with pinpoint white eyes and a razor-sharp smile, he has a deep rivalry with The Beholder. His ultimate stated goal is to kill the Catalysts as a whole, whom he claims will continue to destroy "It" - though what "It" is remains unclear.

History Edit

To be written.

Appearance and Personality Edit

A cold and sinister presence, The Other has a sharp voice. Depicted as a shadow with two circular white eyes, and a knife-sharp, razor-thin smile, The Other was introduced as the enemy of the Beholder and the Fool's King.

Abilities Edit

The Other appears to be extremely powerful. His signature appears to be the use of massive shadowy maws, which he has used on several occasions to kill Players.

The Game Edit

When the board was being set, the Other chose the Father's Abadon as his starting location, and claimed its Legions as his starting army.

In the first round, he chose interception upon hearing the Beholder would launch an assault. The Fool's King elected to support the Beholder.

The Other's Court Edit