"I will correct the situation."

The Martyr is a Catalyst who is sworn to The Beholder. Mother to The Broken, she is a driven entity who cares for nothing but duty. She has a fierce animosity with The Fools' King, as she defeated his plans when he came closest to victory by sacrificing herself to save The Beholder. She is depicted as a tall, feminine woman with long, shadowy hair. She is a Player who has yet to enter The Game - according to The Architect, she is still comatose after having sacrificed herself, and thus is unable to enter The Game.

History Edit

The Martyr was a mortal woman at one point. A knight drawn into The Game, she was met with a great deal of confusion and simply watched as the Game progressed. Upon discovering crucial information, she pledged herself to The Beholder and served him loyally, remarking that she did her duty to her liege, and he rewarded her in turn. When The Fools' King came closest to victory and was about to kill the Beholder, The Martyr took the blow meant for him. Though she died, she allowed the Beholder to survive the ambush, and as a consequence, to defeat the Fools' King. In the process, The Broken was born from the Fools' King's sword, which broke upon piercing the Martyr.

She was then apotheosized by the Beholder into the Martyr as a reward for her loyal service.

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Appearance and Personality Edit

The Martyr is a tall, slender woman with long shadows in place of hair. She has an imperious and direct tone in contrast to most of the Catalysts, who speak in riddles. She prizes duty and direct loyalty, and scorns players who treat the Catalysts disrespectfully. She has an intense rivalry with The Fools' King and her son, The Broken - the former due to her defeat of his plans, and the latter due to his betrayal of the Beholder.

The Martyr's Court Edit