"You must awaken me!"
The Manic is a sleeping Catalyst sworn to The Beholder. He is depicted as a sleeping hound with a maniacal voice and too many maws and eyes. He is a terrifying entity, and when awake rampages through the Game, inflicting madness on everything he encounters. The players sworn to the Manic are members of The Vindicated.

History Edit

Sworn to the Beholder, the Manic is his mad dog. He rampaged through The Game in previous iterations, laying siege to The System with terror. He was defeated by a mortal - the unwitting sacrifice, who lost her own sanity defeating him, and was apotheosized into The Sleeper.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Manic is madness personified. He appears as a hound with far too many mouths and eyes, emitting terrifying light. He has a loud, high-pitched, cackling voice that is painful to listen to. He has been helpful with the players thus far, but cannot assist much. He is currently asleep and cannot act beyond providing information and speaking to the players until he has been awakened.

The Manic's Court Edit