"You are fools, and already my subjects."

The Fools' King is a mercurial, sarcastic faction leader. He leads the Fool's Court against The Other and The Beholder. Depicted as the most human of the faction leaders, he wears a luxurious fur coat. He was once a courtier, but has since splintered into his own faction, with the stated goal of destroying The Game.

History Edit

To be written.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Fools' King is a tall humanoid who is never seen without his fur coat. He is acerbic and mocking of those who are not aligned with him; however, he is far more helpful and friendly with players who have sworn to his Court.

The Game Edit

While the board was being set, the Fool's King claimed the Army of the previous iteration as his starting Army and location.

In the first round, he chose to support the Beholder's assault.

The Fool's Court Edit