The Fool's Court is the faction of Catalysts who are sworn to the service of The Fools' King. Most of the members of the Fool's Court have been encountered thus far. Their stated goal is to bring an end to The Game by breaking the rules and breaking out of the entire cycle of iterations.

Five players are currently sworn to The Fools' King.

Court Description Edit

When The Beacon was corrupted by The Fools' King, he took complete control of the interior. The Fool's Court manifested as a grand marble structure, massive in size and scale, with opaque windows, thick rugs and carpets, and two thrones at the end of the Hall. Cages dangled from above, while thirteen chairs were lined perfectly before the thrones. The Court was decorated in red and crimson, with black marble floors and pillars. Two wooden panels lined both sides of the hall, with Catalysts occupying the stands.

When The Beholder invaded the Court and slew The Fools' King and The Broken, he destroyed the Court as well. The thrones were blasted to nothing, their shadows still scoured into the wall behind them, the chairs were all shattered, and the pillars, floors, and ceiling had massive holes gouged into them from energy blasts and shadow swords.

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