"My not be fools for him..."

The Father is a Catalyst sworn to The Beholder. He is depicted as a man perpetually crying - bent with a crushing pain, but still forging his way through the world. Though ridiculed by many others for being 'weak' due to his constant tears, he is the most compassionate towards the Players, who he sees as his children.

History Edit

To be written. Father was once a Sin'dorei.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Father appears as a middle-aged man who has a constant stream of burning white tears out of his eyes. He is an extraordinarily compassionate entity, and constantly attempts to guide and help the players - regardless of their allegiance. Nevertheless, he appears to have a distaste for The Fools' King, warning the Players multiple times not to be fools and serve the King - though later he is also the first Catalyst to be released by the King. Celestine Winters states that he may be one of the strongest of the Catalysts, as he is afflicted with terrible amounts of pain, but still sheds constant tears of joy.

The Father's Court Edit

No players are sworn to the Father.