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The Broken is a Catalyst sworn to The Fool's King. He previously served The Beholder, but betrayed him in the current iteration. He is in a relationship with Athen Corelli, which prompted his defection. He is depicted as a young man with a pair of glasses; however, he is also quite literally a broken sword.

History Edit

The Broken was created when his mother, The Martyr, was slain by The Fool's King. The Fool's King wielded a powerful sword, and attempted to take the life of The Beholder. The Martyr saved The Beholder from a fatal blow, causing the blade to shatter - thus creating The Broken. He served The Beholder loyally with his mother-turned-lover for many iterations; however, during this time, he also began an affair with Athen Corelli. The Broken has noted that he is The Mediator 'for this iteration', implying he was not always. In the current iteration, Athen, who had apparently been absent for quite a few iterations, was put back in play upon answering The Game's call. When he discovered that he could continue to live with Athen with the destruction of The Game, he defected to The Fool's Court, becoming a traitor to The Beholder and joining The Fool's King.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Broken is depicted as a tall young elf with thick, square-framed glasses. Despite his nonthreatening appearance, he is possessed of considerable power - enough to hold off a portion of The Beholder's power briefly before being killed. Though somewhat sarcastic, he tends to have a more joyful personality than most of the Catalysts, and he is able to communicate effectively with the Players. He was the Mediator for The Game before his defection to the King, and as such, is more diplomatic than many of his kindred. It is uncertain if The Broken retains his Mediator status since his defection.