The leader of the Beholder's Court. The Beholder was once The Architect, but was transformed by The Other into his current form. He is described as tall and powerfully built - a skeleton in robed and cloaked in black. Filled with rage and immensely powerful, he is set on destroying both the Fool's King and the Other. Players sworn to the Beholder are members of The Army.

History Edit

The Beholder was once The Architect, one of The Other's servants. According to lore discovered in-game, when he gave himself to the Other, he transformed into The Beholder - however, his previous form as The Architect still exists from other iterations.

In this iteration, he destroyed The Fools' King and slew The Broken twice after he escaped imprisonment in The Fool's Court.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Beholder appears as a massive skeleton, hooded and cloaked in black robes. He is filled with immense rage, especially when his plans are thwarted, and appears extremely ruthless, perfectly willing to injure his own servants in order to further his Court's interests.

However, he also rewards loyal service - when The Martyr was slain saving him, he apotheosized her and turned her into a Catalyst from her former mortal form.

Abilities Edit

The Beholder is one of the most powerful of the Catalysts, able to overpower The Broken and The Fools' King in quick succession. In addition to their standard abilities of time manipulation, matter manipulation, energy distortion, and control over the environment of The Beacon, he also possesses the unique ability to manifest Anchors - these chains nullify all magic around them and prevent other Catalysts from resurrecting.

The Game Edit

While the board was being set, the Beholder chose to allow his vassals to select the Court's starting position and army.

In the first round, he elected to launch an assault.

The Beholder's Court Edit