"There's always time for sweets."

Saimbere "Sam" MacEnnis

History Edit

Sam took a bit longer than most to complete her training in Dalaran, despite excelling at the technical aspects of the arcane, she still struggles somewhat with practical application.  She does odd jobs, for now, selling knitwear and working as a housekeeper.

She hopes to someday earn her place as a battlemage for the kirin tor.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Of average height, Sam has let herself get a bit soft around the middle.  Across her nose and cheeks, a smattering of light brown freckles stands out against porcelain-pale skin.  Her strawberry blonde hair is indicative of a somewhat fiery personality. It falls in a gentle wave just past her shoulders to frame her round face.

Skills Edit

Sam has an affinity for conjuration magic with a special interest in baked goods. She excels at prestidigitation - mostly using her skills for cleaning, locating lost objects, and enchanting household items to perform tasks on their own. She takes pride in her skill with runic circles.