"What doesn't kill you makes you bitter."


History Edit

A few things could be assumed about the gnome calling herself M. Mindspanner, although it's unclear if any are accurate. She's probably from Gnomeregan, as most gnomes are, and definitely died somewhere along the way. Somewhere in between, she may have been in the Twilight's Hammer.

Post-death and post-raising, M's trail is easier to track. She is a member of the Servitors of Lothar, a do-gooder mercenary guild with a surprising ability to jump in over their heads and somehow make it out mostly intact. M holds the rank of Advisor, leading the Scout Division.

Appearance and Personality Edit

M. Mindspanner stands a bit shorter than an average gnome, despite the added height her mechanized armor suit gives her. To most gnomes, it's recognizable after a time; it's a very stripped down and heavily modified Peacekeeper suit. The helmet – an armorless version of the standard suit's helm – hides her disfigured, burned face. Her voice is distinct and unusual; it sounds robotic, synthetic in fact, and it is accompanied with the crackle and pop of being filtered through a radio.

Around her waist is a dagger belt with many pockets and hanging from it are mismatched blades within black sheathes. One is a kaldorei dagger that shimmers faintly and the other, much larger, is made of solid draenic crystal.

If she's wearing her officer's tabard, there's a few things of note on it. First is a braided gold aiguilette with a small lion's head charm on it. Opposite it, pinned to her chest, is a medallion of the Ebon Blade. A cobalt ring inlaid with mithril hangs from a chain around her neck, hidden only during battles.


Skills Edit

Judging by her armor, she's quite skilled in engineering, and judging by her weapons, she's probably a rogue. M is known to be a fairly skilled sneak as well.