"We grow tired of having our warnings ignored, to fall upon deaf ears."

The Catalysts are the shadowy entities that reign over The Beacon.

History Edit

The Catalysts were originally all aligned. It is speculated that they were reigned over by The Other, who was served by The Architect. Whatever the case, The Architect designed The System in which The Game exists. Somewhere in the distant past, a schism arose in the Catalysts. The Architect was transformed into The Beholder, and began waging a terrible war against The Other. Eventually, a third faction arose under the leadership of The Fools' King. All three factions continue to grapple with one another as the iterations continue, in three distinct courts - The Beholder's Court, The Fool's Court, and The Other's Court. The number of Catalysts has increased with each iteration, as each Catalyst was originally a mortal, including The Other. Within each iteration's gameplay, they have pieces for multiple mortal heroes who have been involved in every iteration thus far.

Abilities Edit

The Catalysts are all timeless creatures. They can move through time at will, and are capable of traveling between alternate universes. Each exist outside the realm of regular magic, and are able to create antimagic zones and dispel magic in their vicinity effortlessly. The Catalysts also possess immense power and are able to deliver enormous blasts of energy; the Weapon that each Player is able to acquire allows them to use similar powers. The Catalysts' powers are the only things that can counter another Catalysts' attacks; each manifests their powers in different ways, but manifestations seen thus far include shadow swords, shadow spikes, and energy blasts. Each Catalyst possesses a unique ability to themselves; so far, only one of these unique powers has been seen, The Beholder's - the ability to manifest Anchors that prevent other Catalysts from regenerating.

Known Catalysts Edit

The Beholder's Court

The Fool's Court

The Other's Court

Unknown Allegiances